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RAFFLES 1819 A6 Portrait Notebook Cover ( SG Bicentennial Collection )

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ARKADEMIE launched the SINGAPORE BICENTENNIAL Collection on the 6th February 2019, exactly 200 years the Singapore Treaty was signed between Sir Stamford Raffles, Sultan Hussein and Temenggong, establishing the first British Settlement in Singapore.

The map image on the cover is inspired by the very first map of the Singapore Harbour drawn by Captain Daniel Ross, a hydrographer accompanying Sir Stamford Raffles, in February 1819 prior to the signing of the Singapore Treaty.  The map was then officially published in May 1819 in the Calcutta Journal.  It is believed that this map was instrumental in the Treaty negotiation between Raffles and Temenggong on the 6th February 1819.

Genuine, 4-oz full-grained, vegetable-tanned cowhide leather is used to make this unique collection.  Seams are fully saddle-stitched by hand - a time-honoured method in fine leather crafting, ensuring durability and flexibility over time. Edges are unfinished and left unburnished for an authentic parchment look.

 A6 Notebook Case:

Dimensions: 12 x 16.5 cm

Delivery Lead TIme:  14 working days after order confirmation.

For international orders, taxes and duties apply at destination's customs office.

( Leather, being a natural material, will exhibit variation of colour, texture and grain pattern on its surface.  In addition, deviation of actual product's colour from images taken in studio is to be expected. ) 


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