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JOAQUIM A6 Portrait Traveller's Notebook Sleeve

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4-oz, natural full-grained vegetable-tanned, buffalo hide leather traveller's journal and notebook sleeve in A6 portrait format. The sleeve's leather strap-and-keeper design ensures decades of use without slackening or splitting.  The sleeve is fully and meticulously handcrafted by experienced craftsmen. 

Brogueing details are inspired by the traditional patterns of Scottish and Irish brogue shoemaking. The back of the cover bears the brogue medallion pattern of Singapore’s national flower - Vanda Miss Joaquim – which the collection is named after.  Natural leather grain pattern, unique to each hide, can be seen on the cover and will acquire a beautiful natural satin lustre over time.

Sleeve fits most brands of perfect-bound and saddle-stitched A6 soft-cover plain journals, notebooks and sketchbooks including Midori, Muji, Grandluxe, Fabriano, TN and TRC.

Sleeve includes a notebook.  

Dimensions:  12 cm (width) x 16.5 cm (depth) x 2 cm (height)

Lead time:     Made-to-order.  Usually ships out 7 working-day after order confirmation.

A6纵向格式的4盎司天然植物鞣水牛皮皮革旅行手帐和笔记本套。套子由经验丰富的工匠精心制作, 皮革表面和表带的设计使之不会松弛或分裂, 可确保使用数十年。

凿洞细节的灵感来自苏格兰和爱尔兰布洛克制鞋的传统模式。 封面的背面凿有新加坡国花-卓锦万代兰(Vanda Miss Joaquim)的图案 - 系列以该名字命名。套子面上皮革所独有的天然皮革纹理,随着时间的流逝, 会呈现出优美的天然缎面光泽。

套子适合大多数品牌的DL精装平装订和鞍式装订日记本,手帐, 笔记本和速写本,包括Midori, Muji, Grandluxe, Fabriano, TN和TRC 等品牌。


尺寸:12厘米(宽)x 16.5厘米(深)x 2厘米(厚)

生产时间:按订单生产。 一般在订单确认后7个工作日内发货。


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