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Studio Arkademie MING TEN PEONIES A6 Portrait Notebook Sleeve, Blue & White

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Inspired by the Chinese Ming Dynasty ( 14th to 17th century AD ) Blue-and-White ceramic ware in the Singapore's Asian Civilisations Museum's Porcelain Collection, the leather notebook sleeve features the 'ten-peonies' motif which signifies perfection and completion in the iconic Blue-and-White combination.

4-oz SULLY goat leather from the legendary French tannery ALRAN is used for the construction of the sleeve.  Every petal and leaf is hand-cut and unique, and hand-stitched onto a leather base.  Waxed threads are used to strengthen the seams and bind the leather components.  The entire sleeve is saddle-stitched for extended durability - a traditional and time-honoured method in fine leathercrafting.

Images shown are for reference only.  Each sleeve is handmade and unique.

Fits most brands of A6 softcover notebooks, planners and organizers including Grandluxe, Fabriano, Midori, Moleskine, Muji, Monologue, Rhodia, etc.  

Pen holder, card holders and a notebook are included with the sleeve.  Designed and handmade in Singapore.

Dimensions: 16.5 cm L x 12 cm W x 2 cm H

Lead Time: Made-to-Order.  14 working days from date of order.

Freight, import tax and custom duties apply for international orders.


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