A5-P Mid-Autumn Festival Journal with Poem

A5-P Mid-Autumn Festival Journal with Poem

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The Mid-Autumn Festival has been traditionally celebrated in the Chinese and East-Asian societies for nearly two millennia.  This unique collector's journal is laser-etched with one of the most celebrated mid-autumn themed poem composed by Su Shi ( 苏轼 ), a hugely talented Song Dynasty poet who wrote it in remembrance of his sibling and family in a far away county.  Written in AD 1076 mid-autumn festival, this Song-styled poem has become the pinnacle of creative expression steeped in hyperboles and allegorical imageries in the Chinese culture.

5-oz natural full-grained vegetable-tanned, buffalo hide leather cover, premium grade designer's journal in A5 portrait format.  The paper block is comprised of 120-page, 170 gsm, acid-free textured Swedish Maple Ivory paper.  The paper is specially formulated for a wide diversity of media including ink, pencil, coloured-pencils, pastel, marker, acrylic and water painting, printmaking and collage-making.  Each signature of the paper stock is meticulously hand-stitched and bound to perfect alignment.

Natural grain pattern, unique to each hide, can be seen on the leather and will acquire a beautiful natural satin lustre over time.  As the leather protects the paper stock for decades, the value of the journal increases when creative and written contents are deposited.   

Made-to-order.  Due to special laser etching process and post-etching treatments, 7 working days of production is required from the date of confirmation. 

Dimensions:  15 cm (width) x 22 cm (depth) x 2 cm (height)